Monday 22 February 2010

The referee's a wanker (part 1,717)

That arch-BOF of the post-match interview, Arsene 'Dieu' Wenger was at it again last week. The BOF, true to form, has been back to the Laws of the Game, and he thinks Wenger may have a point.

In the following pictures, illustrating positioning for referees at free kicks, the important thing to notice is the zone around the ref: FIFA doesn't say he has to be in the exact position indicated, but there or thereabouts. And they don't claim that these are the only places free-kicks ever get taken (although arch-criminal Blatter might like to make it so). The images should be self-explanatory, something refs never have to be.

Now, which one of those positions corresponds, even approximately, to the following action?

Watching the notorious France - Ireland game on French TV, as the handball happened the BOF heard the following exchange between the two French commentators:
Commentator 1 (on mike): "Oo la la!"
Commentator 2 (off mike): "Oo la la, la la!"

To which might be added, now: "Oo la la, la la, la laughable!"

But it was Fabianski's fault, of course.

Who's a prat?

Is it bullying
To call Mrs Christine Pratt
Only by surname?