Tuesday 26 June 2012

spiced shit

This Spice Girls musical: the BOF is horrified by the level of support it seems to have, by the misplaced goodwill being shown to it, by the complete lack of opposition. It is a bad thing from all angles.

The records were only acceptable as popculture of the moment, and even then were horrible. For god's sake, doesn't anyone remember gerI halliwell? She couldn't even spell her own name, thinking that I was at the end of everything. Posh became infinitely more acceptable as Mrs Beckham, and as for the rest, they turned out to be ok once they'd disbanded the crap band.

So why would anyone want to...

Ah! Money. Of course.

There is no cultural significance to the Spice Girls, other than being the standard bearers for a particularly odious pair of Simons.

Should anyone really, really wanna see them and hear them again, can't they take a laptop under the duvet and do it there? At least the animals won't be scared again.