Sunday 27 May 2012

Seaman Shines

The old fart was chortling with frustration earlier. He'd heard that old Pony Tail from up Highbury way had been lobbed again. Memories of those days came back: every Big-Sam-type team that came there tried the lob, and more than a few went home. But the clip of today's lob isn't instantly viewable. No returns on searches, not right now, in the early evening of that day.

Good BOF behaviour, that exclusion: keep us waiting, make the reveal of the video that much more exciting...oh no, wait a minute, we're all supposed to decry manipulation of the media, we should be able to see it now rather than when some politically motivated TV production company chooses...cries of "No!" from the BOF. Umpires decision. Enjoy the show, even if it means No for now.

No will become Yes.