Monday 23 May 2011

Jump in the front of a cheap plane to get to the performances

The BOF has been awoken from a long sleep by a terrible din in the ether. At first, it seemed to be the proprietor of Ryan Air stirring up the mud again, a moment later it sounded more like a collection of Time Out gig guides. Neither of these sources can be relied on, so the BOF turned over and went to sleep again.

Not for long.

The skirling of pipes was the next sound, intoning the old lament "The Injunction of Ryan McGiggs." This time, the BOF could keep his eyes closed no longer. It is an infectious tune, and in no time he was humming along.

The manuscript to the music is available, freely, at the Twitter music store, while the lyrics can be found on the Sunday Herald website - when it's up and running again. As of 8.17 this Monday morning, it has fallen over, probably under the assault of those unable to find the music store.

The BOF encourages all and sundry to join in with the national sing song.