Monday 25 October 2010

Wazzin a name?

Wazza staying is massive for them says John Terry in the Sun.  Or should that be ...says Tozza in the Sun ?

This particular method of forming a nickname, favoured by footballers and cooks, smacks of laziness but is nonetheless easily adopted. Bozza has been chortling at the coalition's nicknames: Ossy, Cleggy, and Dozza, not to mention Vinny, Gozza Gove,  and Izzy Dunko Smozza. There may be no better way of pricking pompousness and squashing self-importance. Apply it wherever you will, in liberal quantities.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Hart's Eyes

Watch them darting right to fool Fabregas...

still standing!

It'll be referred to as a mature victory.

The BOF hopes Hart's eye game is properly reported. He clearly fools Cesc into thinking he's going to dive right, by forcing a quick, nervous-seeming glance in that direction, a second before the run-up.

Video later


The BOF feels the dodgy digit of fate hanging over his and every other gooner's head today. This may be the moment when Arsenal move from top four to being a mid-table team. On the other hand, it may not be. It may be the moment when City realise that that it takes more than money.  Or it may be something else, like the moment when Andy G gets so caught up in himself and his giant iPad that he drowns in personal pronouns.  Football's like that...

Wednesday 13 October 2010


As no. 28 (Villaroeal) came out, lobbying for redressal began. Mr. President of Chile thinks that miners being rescued from underground will give Chile a new international respect. Mr. Rescued thinks it will give themselves money.

Mr. Bof thinks it's all a bit Diana - hysterical and over-written. It's fab that they're all alive and coming up but we'd be a lot more over-excited if they weren't...


Hmm...Ross may be an arse, but at least he's an arse who knows his onions. These two are wankers who can't even manage a hard-on.