Thursday 6 January 2011

5 go hunting

Strauss is looking cocky.
7 from the first, then a maiden.
Trash it up some more.
It'll turn, then.







Swann sings

The numbers now look silly.

Nos 10 & 11 get 20 off one over. It's comedy cricket.

Prior information

Bowlers in the runs, batsmen getting tons, and now the keeper scores!

Smith looks ten years older.

Prior does his 101!

BOF wonders whether even the Botham years felt quite like this, and the memory is: no, not quite...

Wednesday 5 January 2011


They look like zombies,these Australians with their protective creams. The walking dead down under show their true colours.

The BOF came back from the Emirates earlier, shaking his head. Watching MotD, he realised that (a)Hart made a save that was exceptional and (b)City were even worse than they looked in the flesh. But still, the Gunners didn't score. That winning thing wasn't there.

So it's no wonder that MotD didn't stay on for long. Moving on to Murdoch's wavelength, a winning team makes a Boring Old Supporter purr.

These ashes are deliciously warm.