Thursday 26 March 2009

bye bye beaver

As the BOF awoke from his hibernap (a shortened form of hibernation) he was astonished to discover that the Archbishop of Canterbury is trying his hand at stand-up. Very funny he is, too. Delivered with the straightest of possible faces, he tells us that GOD will not intervene to prevent man from being choked, drowned, or starved by his own stupidity.

This is an old joke, perpetuated in the Old Testament, and maintained down the centuries. Given that the old ones are always the best, what can we expect from him next? One thing's for certain: the BOF will not be allowing him to come anywhere near his pond, which is currently writhing with tiny tadpoles and tuneful toads.

It would be offensive to the BOF's rather old-fashioned beliefs to hear the bearded cleric joking that this was a plague sent from heaven. It has always seemed unfair that these skypilots can work entirely in a universe selectively defined by post-justification and logical certainties masquerading as spiritual insight.

These are serious times, and it is irresponsible of Archbishop Beaver to joke like this. He should receive the same treatment as Ross and Brand did when they misused the airwaves as a vehicle for private and puerile jokes: ban the man. God won't intervene to stop that happening either.

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