Friday 9 August 2013

What's that American Arse smoking?

Suarez has a reputation, not only as an exceptional footballer but also, as an exceptionally nasty person.  So why would the owner of Liverpool Football Club deliver a humiliating public rebuke to him? The only likely result is a series of petulant rebellions, some on "principle", others purely out of sustained, seething anger at being denied champions league football by a club which still can't admit the extent of its decline.

The dickheaded foolishness continues beyond Anfield, all the way south to Ashburton Grove, where the Arsenal  are still without a major signing. It should be made clear that this is not Wenger's fault. He is there to craft and polish a football team, to manage those provided to him by the club, not as the primary agent for acquiring new talent. He can't do deals and deal-makers are needed for the transfer business.

It is the club's fault that he has made no significant signings and the club are exemplified by the board. It's at their table that the buck stops. Their incompetence, their inability to understand just what an unfilled gap is still there in David Dein's vacated chair, has resulted in the whole in-out imbalance. When a club sells players like Fabregas and Van Persie it either replaces them with bods of a similar stature or it declines.

Arsenal is in decline, make no mistake about it, and has been since the departure of TH. The board have done nothing to change this for several years.

There is not one single director who has shown themselves to understand the modern game, they have all spoken with a smug self-satisfaction which defies reason, and the elephant-sized arsery of Peter Hill Wood, charming as he may be, pervades every corner of the room.

At the moment, watching Arsenal in the transfer window is like watching Michael Foot trying to get elected: the more he says, the more sense he speaks, the more likely he is to fail, and fail miserably. This team is half a centimetre away from the precipice and I didn't become a gooner to go cliff diving. Deal with it, dickheads: dump the board and start again.

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