Friday 3 April 2009

bugger google

Google are racing up the charts of world's-most-hated companies. There is talk of the company potentially being open to over one billion dollars worth of litigation. So far, they have managed to antagonise the worlds of film, music, book publishing, image banks, and now the ordinary householder.

However, there are a couple of householders in the UK who seem to have escaped the reaches of the Google Street View camera car. Mr. Gordon Brown and Mrs. Elizabeth Windsor can both sleep easily at night, in the knowledge that their London residences do not appear on the intrusive pages.

This 'facility' is voyeuristic and unnecessary. While it is unlikely that, in reality, many burglars will be able to exploit the images, there is no real purpose to their existence.

The BOF suggests that all those who know their houses to be on the system email Google to request that the images be removed. This is done by viewing the image and hitting the (tiny) 'report a problem' link at the bottom. Mentioning the fact that Gordon Brown's house has been removed may help. Good luck!

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