Saturday 18 April 2009

c'mon you reds

So it's off to Wem-ber-lee with mixed feelings. Even to a johnny-come-lately supporter like the BOF, Wembley means finals, the top of the heap, last men standing. It doesn't mean semi-finals.

Or it didn't used to mean semi-finals. It does now, and that probably won't change, even though the brand has been devalued. It would be too gomish of the BOF to refuse attending this titanic red/blue clash, this southern semi, on the grounds that it should not be like this.

This is how it is, and so the red shirt will be donned, the vocal chords will be given their lubrication, alternately extravagant and pessimistic predictions will be exchanged, injuries will be bemoaned, past glories will be talismanically resurrected, statistics will be uselessly bandied about, and songs will be sung.

Whatever will be, will be.

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