Tuesday 9 August 2011

Miss BOF is away, we're happy to say

Businesses in the department store Whiteleys, on Queensway in London's Bayswater, have been asked to close their doors for evening trade tonight. It's perhaps no coincidence that there's a JD Sport on the first floor.

One proprietor, a BOF if ever there was one, professed a situationist desire to accept another reality on the second floor, proposing an immediate email to customers telling them that, given its discrete entrance, the establishment would most definitely be fully open this evening. His staff hung resolutely to reality one and, being a fair and honest man, he accepted that his own reality, number two, had been vetoed.

Parents all over London tonight are caught in the horror of doubting honesty and fairness in their own teenage children.

"Where are you going, sweety?"




"OK. Who are you going with?"



"Are you going to say which ones?"


"Please don't go rioting and looting, darling..."

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