Tuesday 9 August 2011

time to topple taffy

The BOF would love to claim John Humphrys of Today on BBC Radio 4 as one of his own, an unrepentantly boring old fart, but he is not that thing. He is a disruptive and irritating curmudgeon whose interviews now go nowhere because of his belligerence.

What is the point in hammering the Home Secretary with a repeated question about whether she is bringing the army in to quell the riots? There can only be one answer at this early stage, the answer no. Why bring it up in the first place other than to cause fear, panic, and sensationalism?

It's time that the Welsh WindyBago was sent out on the streets to test his mettle in the real world instead of the comfortable construct of the studio. The pomposity of his on-the-spot reporting would have no place in Croydon or Tottenham. The BOF would be fascinated to hear what happens if Humphrys tries his repeat-the-same-question-over-and-over-again technique with the men in balaclavas.

Alternatively, he could retire without fanfare. Now there's a thoroughly unmodern thought.

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