Wednesday 8 September 2010

burn the priests

If rev Jones were a good man he would be burning not just the Koran but also the Bible. The transformation of folk history and self-help systems into Religion, no matter the name, is at the root of so much that is disgraceful about humanity. The self-important posturing of the priesthood then cements this disgrace in a formal hierarchy.

When the disgraceful behaviour is not attached to a specific "god" we seem to find it easier to reject. There is very little difference between the behaviour of the German hierarchy in the middle of the last century and the destructive self-interest of a priesthood. Yet we can easily reject and condemn "the Nazis" while shying away from the same condemnation of the disgusting Christian fundamentalists who seem hell-bent on dragging civilisation backwards.

The BOF suggests a little test. Every time a story such as that emanating from rev Jones hits the headlines, substitute a name from the German High Command, and watch your own reaction. If you turn blue with anger, it is a bad thing that is being written about. If, however, you merely turn pink with indignation, it is probably just the writing that is a bad thing; indeed, you are probably reading the Daily Mail.

But remember this, Mail reader: in order to burn his books, the bible basher has to have bought them. Money for old soap. Hah!

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