Friday 3 September 2010

but me no butts

The BOF is attempting to give up smoking.

That way of putting it would annoy his WitchDoctor.  "I am a non-smoker, and shall be so for the rest of my life" is the given line. The BOF told the WitchDoctor that, no, he would not be responding to the offer of a cigarette with these exact words.

Offered a cigarette later in the day, those were the actual words with which he replied. The BOF believes it to have been a slightly long-winded ironic joke; but we have to ask: is it programming? Was there really any choice? Could the BOF have replied in any other way?

The system is called hypno-therapy, but it's more like suggestion and relaxation. The possibility is now there for the BOF to get himself into exactly the state that is so terrifying while driving on a motorway, although the WD insisted that this would not occur as an accidental by-product.

Should you read of the BOF being found in the smouldering wreck of a car on the side of the motorway, blame the WD. Or perhaps it's an attempt to start smoking again which has gone wrong. The sheer pleasure of that first, deep, drag on the stick, which sends a ripple of pleasure through the...AR-R-RGH!

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