Saturday 4 September 2010

"I am a non..." etc.

Day 2, and the BOF is still holding out. Looking a little smug, in fact. He's currently using the delusion of it'll-all-be-ok-after-the-first-three-days-of-nicotine-withdrawal in order to lurch from needful moment to moment.

Before Stop Day he was aked by the WitchDoctor to list particular smoking moments that he reckoned he would miss the most. On Day 1 each of these moments reared up like a cornered sabre toothed tiger. But Day 2 sees them as already anachronistic.



What's certain is that the BOF has developed a new interest in food. So many new eating opportunity moments open up. No sign of the fabled re-awakened palette yet, and the cough stays just as hacky.

...drivel drivel drivel - will it always be thus?

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