Saturday 4 September 2010


So there's a facebook group dedicated to moving Blair's book to the crime section in bookshops. Let's hope it gathers some momentum.

The BOF is reminded of a conversation that took place between John Birt, loathed BBC boss, and a putative publisher of his memoir. Much to the publisher's surprise, he suggested not just one book, the memoir, but two, the second to be a tome on management, Birt-style.

Recovering from the shock of this unexpected announcement, the publisher had the presence of mind to reply as follows: "Ah! John Birt on management, eh? And where would you expect the bookshops to place this? On their comedy shelves?"

That was the end of the negotiations. It may be the last time the management book was mentioned. It hasn't been published, although the grimy memoir has been and gone.

Go on, move a book today.

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