Monday 5 January 2009

Disappearing demo

The demo is an irrefutably good thing. Sometimes misguided, sometimes pointless, sometimes unnecessarily aggressive, it nevertheless stands as the visible peak of the iceberg of freedom. 

This weekend's attendance at the gates of the road housing the Israeli embassy seemed to show that freedom being exercised in true London fashion. Sad to relate therefore that the BOF has discovered demos to have been relegated to a weekend activity. 

True, today is the first day back at work after the absurdly extended Christmas break, but at 10.30 this morning, this was the scene:

Just two demonstrators. The BOF was told that "the Committee" would be there some time in the afternoon.

The Committee? Are we now so accustomed, so subservient, to bureaucratic systems that we only bother to protest when a committee tells us it's time? Do we now only care at weekends? Is every unemployed person in London indifferent to the murderous events less than half a world away? Is London no longer concerned about blinkered bullies blasting ballistics over borders and making the lives of both sides' civilians a terrifying misery?  Is it just last week's thing?

Shame on you, London. Get back out there.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you go out there?

BOF said...

How do you think the photograph got there? Why don't you come out from behind your no-name?