Wednesday 28 January 2009

"are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a bank's board?"

The BOF is back, ready to bore on about how to make the world a better place. And where better to begin than with bankers?

They have taken over from Al-Queda as the most hated group of people in the western world, with their re-definition of selfish greed, their pachyderminous insensitivity, and their arrow-slit view of current events. They were lambasted by Superman in his inauguration speech, yet continue to ask for more - the Oliver Twists of today. 

Remember, though, that Superman has also shown himself to be determined that Guantanamo Bay should close down, and soon.  

Hold your horses! Here, in one deft switch, is the answer, the real beginning of the New Day. The BOF would like to suggest that all current and past directors of all banks should be rounded up and sent to the Camp in Cuba. This will result in getting rid of not only the hated ones, but also of their culture: there would be nobody left who has come to regard obscene payments as the norm (except for footballers, and there is no possible ven-diagram that can show an intersection of these groups.)

Should this prove to be impracticable, whether because of the carbon footprint involved in their transportation, the difficulty in finding a window in their calendar, or the unwillingness of guards to be in the same physical space as these loathsome individuals, there is an alternative solution. A large number of orange overalls will soon become available. These can be handed out to the bankers with instructions to take them off only when they bathe. Within hours, any credibility they had left would be laughed out of existence, their authority would be gone, and with it their power to steal our money.

Thus CHEAP, ELEGANT, and EFFICIENT will become the new slogan for the new world. 

Pull up the zippers!

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