Wednesday 28 January 2009

pee for relief

It has been pointed out to the BOF that he has omitted another group from the modest Guantanamo proposal: the hedge fund managers. What is to be done about these parasites?

There is a solution, and it is cheap, elegant, and efficient. Additionally, it has green credentials.

Consider this image:

Imagine, in place of the Cadillacs, hedge-fund managers with their heads planted firmly in the ground.

Yes, you've got it: a HEDGE of HEDGE-FUND MANAGERS. In the UK, there are grants available for planting new hedges, so, in one fell swoop, the parasites are eradicated, the financial behemoth is saved, wealth is redistributed from city to countryside, and a massive new artwork is created.

Given their preoccupation with leaving others in the ordure, the BOF has no doubt that the only encouragement needed to make the hedge grow is the re-routing of sewage outlets. Individuals can participate in the nurturing of this new feature in the landscape by stopping their cars and getting out for a pee-break.

Growth returns to the roots of its meaning.

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