Thursday 1 January 2009

New sheds

Yes, New Year's Day: so preferable to the debilitating eve.  The BOF witnessed one of his oldest contemporary friends undergoing change. Not massive, but significant, this was change for the good. 

We would have to describe his attitude towards this screen and the gubbins behind as, frankly, out of kilter until now. 

He was a techno-gom. Yet this evening he was seen to be absorbing the benefits of file sharing. Admittedly, when graffiti-boy started talking torrents, gomness strayed back into the eyes - BUT NO! - he would fight this! Suddenly, he knew: that stuff was really there. Not just the squirters, but the Seasons in the Sun, were sitting on their servers, just waiting for his call.

Maybe even now he is noisily discovering the grating reality of tunes and clips held for so long as unvisited icons. 

What better way to start the year than clearing rubbish from the loft of memory?

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