Friday 5 November 2010

Blat Splat

Oh to be in England when the press are baying!

It's unlikely that anything will be learned from the FIFA  world cup bidding process, in the UK at least. A quick review of the recent weeks would suggest that external forces have lit the blue touch paper and retired.

Feed a few half-substantiated rumours to the British Press and they'll run with them, no matter who suffers: the more the suffering, the bigger the market, is the theory, so anything goes.

Also, they're all so lazy, they'd rather print PR releases and street rumour.

So the Russians prime the pumps then sit back and let the press do the rest for them.

Oh yeah?

The BOF believes all this to be prime conspiracy theory. What worries him is that there may actually be a conspiracy in here somewhere.  He suggests that the first place to look for its source is Blatter's office. If yesterday's reports of damage to England's world cup bid have any substance to them, it has been created in those environs.

Telephone records from FIFA HQ would be fascinating.

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