Friday 5 November 2010


The BOF would happily admit that this is not the best time of day to be blogging.


Looking up a person on google got him to wikipedia and a message from its founder, asking for subscriber funds in order to keep the wikipedia thing independent of nasty commerce.

The BOF had his hand on his card when he wondered whether there was, er, any more detail.

There wasn't.

It's a Bob G moment: "Give us your fuckin' money!" (No, he didn't say that, but it's what he meant.)

The BOF would love to support a great resource. He's watched it develop from from an utterly unreliable wankdom into a major source of fact-ishness which can be clearly read by those who've used it a few times; that's most of us. Money should pour in to its public-spirited cause.

So why no breakdown of where the money will go? It's just "Gimme dollars!" without any explanation of where it might be used. Perhaps we'd be there a profit incentive or is it only moral investment?


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