Saturday 20 November 2010

swiss turd

What, precisely, is "not fair" (Herr Blatter's words) about being banged to rights?  It would seem that the slimy Swiss objects to the concept of horses for courses. If you've got a dodgy crew that needs investigating, you offer them some dodgy bait and see if they take it in a clearly dodgy way.

His use of statistics is criminal misrepresentation.  He talks about six people out of three hundred million, or six "personalities". The BOF would like to point out to Blather that this is a meaningless fraction; the important numbers are two out of twenty four, two members of the all-powerful voting executive committee of twenty four members.

The "not fair" can only be taken to refer to the methods used, not the results obtained. If he'd like to get get into an ethical discussion on whether ends justify means, perhaps he'd like to open up the history of his own route to power. How were votes obtained and cajoled in that particular progress? Was that fair?

From time to time,there is a suggestion in what Septic says that there is bound to be corruption within an organisation like this. The unstated next sentence goes something like this: "I therefore absolve myself of all guilt by association, of all previous wrongdoing, and all responsibility for my own actions. I am now above the law."

The BOF would like to reserve front row tickets for his fall, when it comes. Perhaps a double bill with Signor Burlesqueoni is in order, a new bonfire of the vanities.

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