Sunday 28 November 2010


The BOF woke at around 4.30 this morning. He's been nurturing his jet-lag since returning from China so that it can keep his body's rhythms in tune with the cricket in Australia.

He turned on just in time to see the captain-opener's dismissal for 110, and then to watch his partner go on past his own century, the first time an English side's Ashes openers have both made centuries in the same innings for 72 years.

Stats like that warm the BOF's cockles. But the event which convinced him that this was going to be good day was the Professor Bumble show. Taking his turn in the Third Man seat (the pontificating position) David "Bumble" Lloyd became frenetic with calculator and pad, attempting to predict a possible English win. The camera cut away from him for no more than a minute. When it returned he was asleep in his chair, mouth open. Cut to a smirking Gower and Warne, who managed to keep talking straight. Cut back to Bumble, slumped on the floor. As the camera lingers an eye pops open, and, as realisation strikes, widens. He leaps back to the chair, pulls the cans on, and busies himself with the calculator once more.

The BOF is even now searching it out on YouTube and will post the link here when it's found. It's worth a look even if it is a prank...

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