Tuesday 30 November 2010

bum apples

So the English Bid team's response to Panorama's allegations is that "If you hurt one of them of course it has an impact on others, that's just inevitable" or "the others feel it, that's just life". Apparently "the BBC should hang its head in shame."

Translation:"If you have one rotten apple in a barrel it turns the whole barrel bad." So, shouldn't they be applauding the BBC?

There is new evidence, so the programme is justified. The over-riding concern should be that the system is cleaned out and rebuilt, not that England should hold one world cup final, with all the implied corruption.

The extra icing is the side of the story that tells us about the deals FIFA strikes with Governments.

It will be a happy moment when Blatter is finally disgraced; to hope for a foul jail is pie in the sky. Let's have some pie...

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