Saturday 6 December 2008

All change

Travelling to the football this afternoon, the London traffic was snarling in ways unseen since the credit lunch arrived. (The thinning of traffic here has been one of the few pleasurable effects of the disasters caused by the masturbators of the universe.) Crawling past a crocodile of forty policemen on bicycles, Tony and the BOF speculated as to the cause. Tony veers towards the gom, but he can be charmingly bofish. We commented on the rising fumes of exhaust gases, only opening windows to add to it with tobacco smoke.

Imagine then our surprise and delight when we spied a sign, announcing that most of central London's major roads were to be closed this afternoon for a demonstration and march on the subject of climate change. 

Clearly, this was no ordinary climate change march, but a demo IN FAVOUR OF CLIMATE CHANGE. How else to explain an event which must have doubled the normal saturday output of gases?

These gases were added to later by a restive crowd, astonished by the sheer incompetence of Mr Eboue. The BOF has never seen a substitute substituted, other than for an injury, and for a fleeting moment, he thought that he might have to offer monsieur Wenger his services. The thought passed rapidly enough, but the inconsequential re-telling of it will provide a treasure trove of bof moments.

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