Thursday 4 December 2008


Some might be of the opinion that it is inappropriate behaviour for bofs to claim a liking of popular television. Those some are ignoring a vital ingredient of bofdom: we can never remember their names - the names of pop-tel's participants, that is - and thus maintain our bof status while simultaneously venturing into dangerously un-bof areas. 

Given that this is the first TV-toe-in-the-water for Boring Old Fart (there will be more - much more, and football isn't television), let's be gentle.   A simple statement of approval will do: the BOF finds himself smiling and even laughing out loud at Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Or perhaps a little bit more than a simple statement. The new one in the middle is unspeakably better than the old one.  The fat one is charmingly accommodating to shy guests. And there appears to be a refreshingly competitive degree of THINKING.

Finally, of course, the majority of the Buzzcock crowd are incipient bofs, with their ridiculous knowledge of pop music. We look forward to your joining us, buzzbofs.


Anonymous said...

When is BOF going to join facebook then?... Or are you too busy watching Coronation Street? Shame on you!

BOF said...

BOF's on facebook - but he's got a few other guises

BOF said...

...and when is ANON going to take a name?