Sunday 14 December 2008


There are times when those little cameras built in to telephones take on a creative life of their own. The BOF applauds this independence of spirit and offers for your pleasure one such instance from last night's cabaret at the O2. 

There was something a little disconcerting about being able to sit front row centre at a popular music concert and still converse with the neighbour. The chain of events which led to the BOF seeing Reg in performance for the first time in 30 years is too convoluted to go into here. The 61 year-old's performance was, shall we say, stately. His only forays away from a comfortable seated position at the red piano were gentle ambles across the shiny stage, pointing randomly the while.

It may be that, later in the performance, the doughty knight clambered on the piano, even swung from the odd chandelier, but the BOF was not there to witness it. As the sounds of another impeccably played tune drew to a climax-free end, two bofs scurried out the back way. 

Picking a route around the village of flight cases backstage, it was hard not to notice that a surprising number bore the stencil CATERING.

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