Friday 5 December 2008

Graf-boy still faces up

And BOF just found that his personal graffiti artist is still a friend, even though he hasn't seen him since the boards went up. The boy's a natural bof, so expect to see some unusually modern language here soon. 

Chong did BOF's border board when the nigh-on Nebuchadnezzar neighbour nearly nuked the cross-wall relationship with his building fantasy. It was only the coruscating colours of his cascading caprice that enabled the BOF to stop himself from cutting the carotid artery. New York/Yorkshire was an answer to a question, a light for the matchless, a MACY GRAY to Gerry Haliwell.

Later, there will be a picture (ain't that always so?) but for now, believe it: BOF still loves you baby.

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