Friday 5 December 2008

Bofs and Gom. Same difference. Not.

The BOF had hoped to let this sleeping dog lie but the barking has begun. So let it be clearly stated: bofs and gom are not the same creatures. The grumpy old man can't even pluralise his own  acronym. 

Further examination of usage brings more light. 

As any female will tell you, the man is a rigid thing, stuck in his ways, inflexible, and limited.

The fart, on the other hand, flies free, capable of being a noun, a verb, and all stations in between.

The gom is irritated. The bof irritates. 

The gom's fallback is a mantra - "I don't believe it!"

Pushed into the same corner, a bof will make a list. To that end, a conference has been arranged for next week over the luncheon table , at which bofs will consult with some Nubile Young Things in order to compile a list of bofs and gom. (Nyts have been called in for this vital occasion because they are the experts in distinguishing between the two - they have uncles, and all uncles are either bofs or gom.)

Watch this space - oh, please do!

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