Sunday 21 December 2008

Wanker Webb

"The referee's a wanker!" The BOF has never heard that chant so universally taken up as it was today. Consistency is really all we ask, but we never get it. Time and again the whistle blew for an offence which was a carbon copy of one from 15 seconds previously that had gone unheeded. It worked both ways - this is not a partisan moan. 

Sadly, the Emirates does not take to a new tune easily, so the BOF's attempts to instigate a rousing singalong to the tune of "Jingle Bells", with the words "Wanker Webb, Wanker Webb, Ruining the game!" came to nothing.

Probably just as well, given that those nice stewards would have had to eject us from out seats for using foul and abusive language.

Can an official be ejected for foul and abusive refereeing?

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