Wednesday 3 December 2008

Major Boris consultation insult

The BOF lives in the Western Extension to London's congestion charge zone. He was somewhat surprised to hear Major Boris telling us the other day that he had been consulted by the Major over whether to abolish the western extension. Apparently, we said we wanted it to go.

We said no such thing Major, because we WERE NOT consulted. No doubt there was a so-called statistically valid sample which was consulted. So, hey, let's hear what that sample was.

On second thoughts, let's not. The BOF knows about statistics (he wouldn't be a bof if he didn't) and he knows that what would come to light would be a Biassed Population. Which, of course, means that the sample is a Biassed Non-valid Population, or a BNP.

So we're having decisions taken for us by the BNP now. Good on you, Major Boris - you've redrawn the lines of London politics.

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